Brisbane One Day Program

Cynefin™  in Action - How to Boost Innovation and Collaboration – 1 day

+ We need innovation

+ It must be evidence based

+ There are limited resources and a need for guaranteed results


Mutually exclusive notions?  Not necessarily…


What if… the evidence based innovation was created – in your own context, using the principles of complexity science, not traditional project management.


What if… what was learnt from others were principles, heuristics, boundaries, the questions to ask rather than copying exactly what to do and how to do it


What if…there were processes for small ‘safe to fail’ probes and experiments, testing out the results and research from others and adapting them to the specific context of your workplace before full implementation


What if… what has been done by others was seen through the cultural filters, of our country, our organisation, our workplace


What if…the team involved in creating the ‘evidence’ in the local context sought diversity, including customers and experts as mentors


What if… the feedback and monitoring mechanisms included outputs, outcomes AND impact of the project and the process, and enabled ongoing responsiveness and adaptation


This one day workshop extends skills and capabilities in applying the Cynefin™ complexity framework and associated methods in areas such as

  • Undertaking innovation in context

  • Partnering and collaboration – across silos, within and between organisations, with communities and multiple stakeholders

  • Maximising engagement and maintaining momentum

  • Embracing and leveraging diverse perspectives

  • Designing, monitoring and measuring the impact of change strategies

If you want to discuss your current knowledge and understanding, please email the facilitators and one of us will contact you -


The workshop process will…

Be based on complex facilitation principles and processes and

  • Assume a working knowledge of the Cynefin™ framework

  • Create the agenda based issues on the interest and concerns of the participants

  • Be highly experiential, with participants practicing the facilitation of the selected methods

  • Use the tools and methods available in the ‘On Line Foundations’ course


At the conclusion of the workshop will be able to
  • Articulate the difference between traditional and complex methods, and Integrate complex methods and facilitation processes into their existing practice

  • Design and facilitate processes appropriate to their context

Cynefin™ in Action - How to boost Innovation and Collaboration

Brisbane, Australia:      6 March

Venue:                              Hear and Say, Ashgrove

Investment from:          $660

Cynefin™ in Action | One Day
Brisbane Cynefin™ in Action - How to Boost Innovation and Collaboration | One Day
Fri, Mar 06
Hear and Say
Mar 06, 9:00 AM
Hear and Say, 29 Nathan Ave, Ashgrove QLD 4060, Australia