Discover how to hear what’s real from everyone that’s not tick and flick

It’s about inviting people to share an experience, a micro-narrative... We’d be delighted to share what our experience tells us.


Julie Cunningham
Julie Cunningham
Complexability Practitioner


12 November 2020 - 5:00 pm


12 November 2020 - 6:00 pm

In this session, we’ll share an approach and tool you can use for teams, organisations and communities.

No, it’s not another survey! This is not trying to prompt people to give a ‘right answer’, or an opinion. Rather, it’s about inviting people to share an experience, a micro-narrative, and then providing them with an opportunity to make sense of their own experience by adding layers of their own meaning.

While sharing is, in and of itself cathartic, the stories also provide a way to respond with empathy. Sharing these across teams and communities creates a repository of collective experience and helps people recognise they are not alone in their uncertainty.

Most importantly, the visual representations of the real time data captured, and the ability to inform conversations around emergent patterns help to support leadership decision making in complex environments. Understanding and gaining enough agreement to make decisions to act is as important as knowing what to manage and what to monitor.

We’d be delighted to share with you what our experience tells us.