Complex Methods for

Innovation and Engagement


 6th & 7th June 2018

Who Should Attend


For leaders at all levels who wish to engage staff, colleagues and consumers in processes that enable innovation while addressing complex issues.

Going Beyond Business As Usual


This experiential program enables participants to use complex tools and methods to:

  • maximise collaborative engagement

  • embrace diversity of perspectives and experience

  • provide the basis for action

The workshop combines theory and practice, using methods that are in the public arena and do not require additional payment to be able to apply.

Participants will learn to:

  • Develop and sustain the relationships that embrace diversity and share risk taking  using the Partnership Brokers Association framework

  • Understand and apply the principles of complex facilitation to maximise participant and collaboration

  • Use the Cynefin© complexity framework and associated methods for collaborative sensemaking, planning, decision making, innovation, strategy development and monitoring impact

  • Apply narrative research tools for data collection

  • Design ways of monitoring changes in complex environments


Marcia Dwonczyk and Viv Read combine expertise and practical experience in complex facilitation, partnering, community engagement and innovation.

Program Dates & Investment


6th & 7th June , 2018

Plus one day coaching


Workshops are in Hear & Say Auditorium

29 Nathan Avenue,

Ashgrove, Brisbane


​Per participant Cost:


AUD $1800+ GST

= AUD $1980 including GST

Tuition does not include travel and accommodation, catering for breakfast and dinner.

Included Extras


Tuition includes workshop, workshop materials plus one day follow up support as:

  • executive coaching or

  • project design consulting services or

  • co-facilitation services or

  • feedback facilitation services.

Participants are encouraged to use the best type of follow-up support to suit their real work projects.


Participant partnerships may elect to combine their follow up support.

Contact facilitators

Marcia Dwonczyk    0408 602 222

Viv Read    07 3425 2267

Conference Registration

Tuition does not include travel and accommodation, catering for breakfast and dinner.

Discount applies for multiple registrations

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