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Cognitive Edge is at the leading edge of developing approaches that allow organisations to absorb uncertainty, create resilience and detect weak signals which more conventional approaches would ignore.  Cognitive Edge is driving the development of an ecological metaphor to underpin management theory to complement the engineering approach which has dominated systems thinking for several decades.

ARIO Foundation

ARIO is a not for profit foundation based in Australia, established to bring together appropriate teams to undertake projects including those that

  • Advance physical, emotional and spiritual health, education, culture or social or public welfare.
  • Promote, provide or carry out activities, facilities or projects for the benefit or welfare of the community or any members who have a particular need by reason of youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social or economic circumstances.
  • Advance and promote environmental and economic development.
  • Promote physical, emotional and spiritual health.

ARIO is a Cylch member with the Cynefin Centres globally.

ARIO has a partnership with the Foundation for the Support of Nature (Cambodia) to support projects that undertake regenerative environment and sustainable agricultural employment.

Organisational Affiliates

Partnership Brokers Association

The Partnership Brokers Association is the international professional body for those managing and developing collaboration processes.  Its primary aims are to challenge and change poor partnering practices; ensure those operating in partnership brokering roles are skilled to work t the highest standards; and promotes the critical importance to partnering process management to decision makers. Global standard-setter for partnership brokering through its partnership brokering good practice principles and issues formal accreditation to those who reach the required standard.

Cynefin Centre

The Cynefin Centre is a trans-disciplinary research and development institution in Wales.

Founded in 2016 to focus on radical new methods for social engagement and understanding, its work is based in the natural sciences and the humanities, in particular complex adaptive systems theory; recognising that in human systems one size does not fit all.

Powered by the proprietary SenseMaker® software, the Centre provides the ability to combine storytelling and statistics.  It offers a range of research programs in areas of social policy.  Internationally universities, NGO’s, governments, and development organisations have worked in partnership with the Centre to undertake major innovative social research projects.

The accessibility of the work of the Centre in Australia will be enhanced through a partnership with ARIO Foundation Pty Ltd.


Powermaps, based in Russia, is focused on making strategy accessible for all. De-constructing how strategy is done in commercial organisations today, cutting through the overly complicated and showing businesses how to ‘make moves’ that create value for them, rather than over-engineered ‘plans’ that make money for the consultants and add little to the business.

PowerMaps are for time-pressured leaders who want to get to grips with the organisation, act more strategically and outwit rivals. PowerMaps are the ultimate DIY tool for strategy and operations. PowerMaps help to uncover the competitive environment, challenge underlying assumptions and move to quickly to action.

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Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd – International Practitioner Network

As the context around us becomes ever more complex and turbulent, the need for communities where we can interact with like-minded people, and encounter diverse perspectives that challenge us while we learn and explore become indispensable. As members of the Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd – International Practitioner Network we engage with the foremost thinkers and practitioners in the world of complexity and contribute to network conversations