Experience from the Field

Evaluation of Leadership Development Programs - Library Leaders in the South Pacific

Much has been said about Leadership development and developing leaders within organisations has become the focus of much training and development ...   READ MORE

Living in Queensland - Multicultural Development Association

MDA is Queensland's largest specialist multicultural agencies working with newly arrived individuals and families from refugee and migrant backgrounds and their local communities.  Implementing a SenseMaker TM research project based on wanting to understand the percetptions and attitudes of new arrivers to Queensland ... READ MORE

Portraits in Blue – Real Stories of Depression

A pro bono project, managed by mental health consumers that will collect experiences from those living with depression, their family friends, carers and service providers. Supported by Micah Projects, Minter Ellison lawyers and Cognitive Edge. For further information see www.portraitsinblue.com 


Understanding Rural Parenting Practices - Siem Reap, Cambodia

A narrative based evaluation tool, SenseMakerTM was implemented for the first time in Cambodia as part of a final evaluation of a project run by an NGO called Investing in Children and their Societies (ICS) working out of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The project was aimed at promoting positive parenting practices in the rural communities -  READ MORE

Measuring and Monitoring Everything that Matters

There is general recognition of the need to move beyond measuring outputs, particularly in service delivery and community care systems. This project groups has been working with Meals on Wheels (NSW and Qld ) for some 2 years, developing a new measuring and monitoring framework. Based on the current evaluation framework posited by the Productivity Commission, the project extended the evaluation and monitoring framework beyond outputs and outcomes to context and impact. (See articles on this website for an overview of the thinking and frameworks)

Partnership Building in Clarence Plains

A partnership between many local services and community members is working to create a safe community in Clarence Plains, a small outer urban community near Hobart, Tasmania. The Partnership Project will deepen existing partnerships, strengthen the structure and leadership of the collective and measure the impact of its work. The work combines a community workshop and ongoing engagement.

The Real Value of Investing in Executive Education

One of the perennial questions in organisations is the ‘return on investment’ for the money spent on learning and development. This project team extended the current evaluation methodologies of Brinkerhoff and others.and developed a framework that tracked the experience of executive duration cohorts from sign on to application of learning 6 months after completion of the program.

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