Adapting to the reality of COVID-19 is taking an emotional toll on people. The unintended consequences of the social distancing are already impacting on the wellbeing of people who might not be used to working in distributed environments. This will be compounded by worries about job security and managing and balancing between self-care, family-care and work without traditional boundaries and routines.

These Resilience and Wellbeing Pulses provide a platform through which you can extend a listening ear to your people. It enables them to journal and share experiences as they navigate these new uncertainties. Whilst the sharing is in and of itself cathartic, the stories will also provide us with a way to respond with empathy. Sharing these stories across teams will also create a repository of shared experience, and help people recognise that they are not alone in their uncertainty.

A Pulse is a not a survey.


It is a sophisticated data collection tool that is designed to give a clearer view of a complex environment.

Instead of prompting people to give the “right answer” or an opinion, a pulse invites them to share an experience, a micro-narrative, and then provides the opportunity for them to make sense of their own experiences by adding layers of their own meaning


And then there is…


  • Visual representation of the data, plus;

  • Analytical representation on a dashboard and;

  • Moving between quantitative data and the course data using complexity based sensemaking methods.


To make decisions to act – what to manage, what to monitor.


What can you do with a Pulse?


  • Pro-actively monitor the emotional wellbeing of staff and/or community members, especially those being forced to adopt virtual ways of working or adapt to significantly changed circumstances including social isolation.

  • Apply the fundamental principles of supported decision making in complex environments

    • Situational assessment using distributed and diverse cognition

    • Direct access by decision makers to the source data (not filtered)

    • Make sense at different levels of granularity; from the hyperlocal to patterns in the larger system

  • Develop, implement and monitor new approaches that are congruent with the current context.

Stories that matter

​What this approach offers

  • A journaling tool for team, organisations and communities

  • For people; a listening ear, a space to share their experiences and express their feelings

  • For leaders; a unique insight assists in identifying best actions to support their people in these challenging times

Well Being Now

​What this approach offers

  • Monitor the well being of staff on an ongoing basis

  • Surface anxieties and concerns

  • Enable new forms of collaboration

  • Develop new ritials and support processes for COVID-19 and beyond

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