Coaching Check-in

If you have attended a course delivered by Complexability Practitioners, which include: Cognitive Edge – Cynefin® (Virtual) Basecamp Jointly offered Cognitive Edge and Complexability – Complex Facilitation Foundations or Complexability  – 14-week Complex Facilitation Theory and Practice Intensive and would like support to extend and deepen your practice of complexity tools and methods, we would […]

Productivity, Performance and Wellbeing in a COVID Impacted World, Thursday 29 July 4.00 pm (Brisbane AEST).

At the moment, a lot of organisations are making decisions to make Work from Home (WFH) permanent. Their reasons are solid. Many employees have been expressing a preference to continue to WFH after the COVID threat decreases. To many leaders’ surprise, productivity doesn’t seem to have been negatively impacted by WFH. Neither does engagement. The […]

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