Complexabilty Practitioner

Viv Read

Viv has extensive experience as a manager and consultant in systems change, stakeholder engagement, culture change and strategy and innovation. Building on expertise developed in major workplace reform projects for organisations such as Lend Lease, Carlton United Breweries, Department of Employment.

Julie Cunningham

Complexability Practitioner

Julie works closely with organisations to help lift performance through capability cultivation. She leads the application of a growing body of work assisting organisations to work with and understand complexity, develop curiosity, explore disruption and identify blind spots through a brain savvy lens. This is aligned with growing emphasis to drive innovation, think differently and […]

Marcia Dwonczyk

Complexability Practitioner

Marcia has over 25 years of experience in senior executive roles in the Government and Non-Government sectors, across Australia and overseas. She is currently Director of Creativma and a member of Complexability- working as an independent innovation and change specialist with a focus on partnership and engagement. Specialising in partnering, community engagement and co-design of […]