Complexity is the new normal

It’s more than just a pivot it is a phase shift
About Us

Who We Are

‘Resilient organisations are those that handle threats and opportunities that cannot be predicted’

(Dave Snowden, The Cynefin Co)

Partner with us to ‘learn by doing’ in working with messy complex issues and multiple competing perspectives. Our practice is informed by the work of The Cynefin Co, Indigenous Knowledges through Riteways Wanjau and the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab (IKSL), Deakin University and the late Professor Bill Ford (UNSW).

For the past 20 years the Complexability Team has partnered globally with organisations to build capability in addressing and navigating uncertainty. Areas of specialty include complex facilitation for consumer engagement, consultation and strategy development; applied narrative inquiry using SenseMaker® for culture change, monitoring and impact evaluation, consumer engagement and feedback; supporting innovation partnerships and change programs for community and organisation development; building complexity literacy to enable leadership decision making at all levels.

Community of Practice

There’s strong interest globally in learning how to practically apply complexity tools and methods. Join a free space to ask questions; share learnings and contribute; access and provide peer coaching and mentoring; and take part in offerings building complexity capability and literacy.

beyond theory. Practical application.

“‘Learning to dance’ with a complex system is definitely different from ‘solving’ the problems arising from it.” (Roberto Poli, 2013)

Complex issues need new approaches, new tools, new methods and new ways of working.

Navigating complexity is not solutions based; it’s a direction of travel. Options and opportunities are context specific. Learning from others is valuable; replication fails. Multiple perspectives and valuing diversity are essential. Seeking consensus too quickly reduces the field of possibilities. Learning from doing, which includes learning what doesn’t work, is essential.


What We Offer

Complex Facilitation

Experience in design and facilitation were multiple perspectives and differing opinions add value to discovering options and opportunities

Narrative Inquiry - SenseMaker®

Experience in collecting the lived experience in narrative and analytics as the basis for service improvement and advocacy

Complexity Literacy

Experience in the design and delivery of adult learning action programs

Who We Are

All Complexability practitioners have extensive practical experience in the application of complexity based tools and methods in a variety of contexts and environments. Each practitioner has integrated their understanding and knowledge of complexity with their specialist knowledge and expertise.

How We Help

Our approaches are trans-disciplinary; understanding complexity through a social (human) systems lens, and importantly, an integration of theory and practice. Our practice draws on, and is influenced, by the work of David Snowden, Alicia Juarerro, Gary Klein, Anne Pendleton-Julian, the late Professor Bill Ford and Daniel Kahnemann

Who We Work With

Across industries as diverse as education, health, utilities and professional services, our extensive experience means we can offer unique insights and new perspectives. Understanding the nature of the issue is not enough. One of our key differences is that we provide appropriate tools and methods to work with our clients to building internal capacity.


Our Collaboration Partners

The Cynefin Co

The Cynefin Company is an action research and development hub working at the limits of applied complexity science: where sparks become light, light becomes research and research becomes practice.


ARIO is a not-for-profit Foundation established to undertake projects of social significance.

Cynefin Centre Australia

The Cynefin Centre Australia primarily focuses on working within the not-for-profit, government and academic sectors with action research and development projects applying complexity science principles, methods and approaches to social good.

Indigenous Knowledge systems lab

The IKS Lab is an activist, public-facing think-tank, rooted in a strong evidence base of research. It uses Indigenous Knowledges as a prompt and provocateur for seeing, thinking, and doing things differently.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the unceded lands and waterways on which Complexability does business. We pay our deep respects to the Ancestors and Elders of Kaurna Country, Jinibara Country and Yalukit Country where our offices are located. We also acknowledge all First Nations Peoples that make contributions to our learning communities.

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