Complexity Literacy

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Complexity Literacy – Theory in Action

Fundamental to working in and with complexity is

  • understanding how complex systems work,
  • how to manage multiple and sometimes competing perspectives, and
  • to identify the options for making and monitoring actions and decisions.

Complexity literacy shifts the power from ‘external experts’ to those impacted by the issues under consideration, increasing confidence to understand the what, the why, the where and the how.

Complexity literacy does not need deep theoretical understanding, although the theory exists for those who wish it.  It does involve learning by doing; supported by tools, methods and processes firmly embedded in complexity principles, adapted for the context and the participants.

Types of work we do

Helping organisations to work beyond 'Business as Usual’

Embracing and leveraging multiple perspectives as a basis for innovation and new approaches

Co-designing a
complex facilitation

Co-designing both the engagement and implementation initiatives

Explore organisational structure in working towards change

We display a lightfoot print to help businesses see their patterns and a path to desired change

Clients and Partners

Who we work with

in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, Europe and Asia

Government at all levels

Community Organisations and Social Enterprises

Academic and Research Institutions

International Aid Organisations

Other Service Providers and Professional Associations

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