Who We Are

International, diverse, challenging, provocative, highly experienced

A core team of recognised complexity practitioners, and a global network of preferred partners and alliances.   An appropriate mix of experienced people and complexity based processes and methods support a broad range of projects and clients.

Australian based, over the past 15 years, we have developed a strong international network of colleagues and partnerships to enhance all aspects of our practice. Complexability’s skill is in translating theory into practice builds complexity literacy for all.

Viv Read and Julie Cunningham are recognised as senior practitioners in the global Cynefin® network and endorsed Cynefin® Learning Facilitators.

Why Us…

From theory to action. Learning by doing. Context specific.

A team of highly experienced practitioners committed to co-creating and supporting the emergence of context specific initiatives. From rural communities in Cambodia, a Philippines hospital, a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project, strategies for education in Singapore, youth engagement strategies in Australia, community development in the United States and culture assessment in Government agencies. Our approaches have assisted people to make sense of their environment in order to take action.

Meet the team

Global Senior Complexity Practitioners

Julie Cunningham

Julie draws on a background in organisational development and systems change to engage with clients in processes that support their understanding of complexity and their ability to take action.

Julie works closely with organisations to help lift performance through capability cultivation and building. The past 5 years she has expanded her practice to more deeply embrace complex methods including narrative research and complex facilitation.

Julie is an authorised Cynefin® Learning Facilitator.

Viv Read

Viv is acknowledged as a leading practitioner in the design and implementation of complexity based tools and methods in a wide range of organisations and contexts in Australia and South East Asia.

She has been involved in over 30 narrative research projects in systems change, stakeholder engagement, culture change and strategy and innovation. She has an international reputation in the delivery of complex facilitation.

Viv is an authorised Cynefin® Learning Facilitator.

Malcolm Knight

Malcolm is an Information Technology professional with 30-year experience in advanced business reporting and analytics, application development.

Malcolm provides the technical support services needed for narrative research projects and virtual learning environments. Malcolm’s strengths include advanced analytical skills. He is comfortable working with large data sets and has the ability to see through the data and analyse it to find conclusions.

Laurel Sutton

Laurel is an independent consultant focusing on the areas of narrative research, complex facilitation, cultural change, leadership development, coaching and mentoring, and training and development.

She has worked on projects in Australia as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and across the Pacific.

Karen White

Karen is a knowledge, information and technology professional, with specialist skills in program and project assurance and governance.

Karen provides project and knowledge management support services to the team and clients. Her background in adult learning environments informs the design of capacity building tools and programs.

Kathryn Gallina

Practitioner Network

An extensive collaborative practitioner network

Our Network of Research and Project Partners
We work with trusted partners who are generous of spirit and share a commitment to all voices being valued. People are not merely heard, but, engaged in taking action and monitoring the impact.


Our Network of Research and Project Partners

The Cynefin Co

ARIO Foundation

Cynefin Centre Australia

Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab

Palm Health Foundation

Roy Group

Meals on Wheels Innovation Hub

The Social Research Centre, ANU

Partnership Brokers Association

Our Network of Complexity Practitioners

These colleagues bring complementary knowledge and skills in addition to their complexity based expertise.




Depending upon the area of our work you wish to explore further, there are people we have worked with who would be happy to talk to you.

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