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SenseMaker®– Making Sense through Narrative Inquiry

Proprietary software developed by Cynefin Co (Cognitive Edge), SenseMaker® in its different forms combines the scale of numbers with the explanatory power of narrative.

For complex, ambiguous and uncertain environments, the ability to collect data quickly, at scale, from large numbers of people with diverse experience, perspectives and expertise addresses some of the critical questions of complexity:

  • How do we know what to pay attention to in messy and entangled systems?
  • How can we monitor for impact over time?
  • How can we support local contextually based initiatives within a global policy framework?
  • How do we get ‘real time’ feedback? And share it?

Complexability practitioners have supported over 30 SenseMaker® assignments in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Italy, Canada, and South East Asia.  Areas of focus have included culture, program/project evaluation, client feedback, community and stakeholder engagement, community development (health, mental health, community care, international development), project management.

SenseMaker® and the supporting complexity based processes are endorsed by the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Labs (Deakin University) and Riteways Wanjay Ltd as being appropriate methodologies for projects involving First Nations people.

The Complexability Team are the only Australian based consultant partners providing the complete suite of consulting and technical support services for SenseMaker® projects.  We currently have clients in Australia, Asia, The United States, Canada and Europe.

Types of work we do

Helping organisations to work beyond 'Business as Usual’

Embracing and leveraging multiple perspectives as a basis for innovation and new approaches

Co-designing a
complex facilitation

Co-designing both the engagement and implementation initiatives

Explore organisational structure in working towards change

We display a lightfoot print to help businesses see their patterns and a path to desired change

Clients and Partners

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in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, Europe and Asia

Government at all levels

Community Organisations and Social Enterprises

Academic and Research Institutions

International Aid Organisations

Other Service Providers and Professional Associations

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