Facilitating in Complexity

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When the issues are complex, effective methods and processes used for people to make sense, make meaning, take action, and monitor the impact mirror complexity principles.

Complex facilitation is concerned with congruence and coherence between

  • the principles of complexity that are embedded in the complexity based tools and methods and
  • the role and behaviour of facilitators, what they do and do not do and
  • the experience of participants in engaging in the social construction of their own meaning.

The outcomes of a complex facilitation process is creating and sustaining the environment

  • where participants with multiple perspectives
  • engage in a series of activities that enable the social construction of sense making and meaning
  • and the development of a sufficiently shared understanding of the complex issues
  • to emerge as the basis for
  • enough agreement to take action.

Types of work we do

Helping organisations to work beyond 'Business as Usual’

Embracing and leveraging multiple perspectives as a basis for innovation and new approaches

Co-designing a
complex facilitation

Co-designing both the engagement and implementation initiatives

Explore organisational structure in working towards change

We display a lightfoot print to help businesses see their patterns and a path to desired change

What to expect

Complex facilitation is a highly disruptive methodology, challenging patterns of expectations of participants.

There are many differences between traditional, process and complex facilitation, for example

  • ambiguous instructions are intentional,
  • not assisting participants to find the ‘right’ answers is fundamental,
  • any interventions into group process happen at a system, not the individual level.

Traditionally facilitators have been expected to be in control, in charge and responsible for the outcome, with identified capabilities including

  • achieving the outcome identified beforehand.
  • A helper and enabler whose goal is to support others as they pursue their objectives

Applying group problem solving and decision making techniques to reach consensus

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in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, Europe and Asia

Government at all levels

Community Organisations and Social Enterprises

Academic and Research Institutions

International Aid Organisations

Other Service Providers and Professional Associations


Complex Facilitation - 10 week course

Explore the practical application of complex facilitation methodologies and the implications for clients, facilitators and participants.

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