Wrap up for the year

December 2022 – Wrap up for the year

The Year that Was…

We thought we’d start with a review of ‘Word of the Year for 2022’.  From dictionary.com we have ‘woman’, from Merriam-Webster it is ‘gaslighting’, Oxford’s offering is ‘goblin mode’ and not to be left out Collins gives us ‘permacrisis’ and Cambridge ‘homer’.  Finally Macquarie offers ‘teal’.  That committee also named ‘truth-telling’ as the runner up word.  The Australian National Dictionary Centre also named ‘teal’ as Australia’s word of the year!

What might your words be…?

Ours are ‘third space’, ‘complexity in action’, ‘community activators’, ‘building new networks’ and ‘novel connections’.

Significant activities across 2022 included:

Complexity in Action Week – March

the ‘Complexity in Action’ series of events commenced March 7.  Global practitioners shared their learnings, experiences, adventures and misadventures through a range of events with emphasis on practical application of complexity tools and methods.  The week commenced with Yarn 4 of our Re-emergence: Complexity Yarns with Indigenous Thinkers followed by a range of local and international examples of application.

The recordings are available via our Community of Practice.  If you’re not a member already and would like to join (it’s free).  Click here to join.

Cynefin Co came to Australia – July-August

for the first time in 5 years, Dave Snowden and Beth Smith were able to be part of face-to-face events in Australia (even though some were converted to Zoom because of COVID).  Events were offered in Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane culminating in a 4-day Retreat in the Lamington National Park.

The Retreat is likely to be an annual event, and we have already started planning for early September 2023. Stay tuned!  More to come.

Third Space Complex Facilitation

through the partnership with Stronger Smarter Institute, Riteways Wanjau, Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab (Deakin University), Cynefin® Centre, Cynefin® Centre Australia and Complexability, a one-day workshop was held in Brisbane where participants experienced complex facilitation processes that weaved together Indigenous knowledges and complexity principles and methods.  This work is a foundation for further exploration and partnership for developing third space approaches for engagement and consultation.

Complex Facilitation

building our global reputation in the theory and practice of complex facilitation we have delivered 3 Complex Facilitation Theory and Practice Intensive programs (1 of which was internal and bespoke) with international participation.

The next scheduled 14 week public program commences on 16 March 2023.  There are limited places available.  For further details or to book click here.

Consulting and Technical Support Services for SenseMaker® Projects

this year saw Complexability confirm its role in providing the complete suite of consulting and technical support services for SenseMaker® projects.  We are currently supporting clients in Australia, Asia, The United States, Canada and New Zealand.

Projects range from culture change, client feedback, project evaluation, lessons learning, food security and service delivery through to community engagement and safety.

What’s coming in 2023?

Here’s what we know already…

February Leadership, Ethics and Governance

We are currently designing a distributed research project with a focus on leadership, ethics and governance to provide opportunities for organisations – large and small – to participate.

More to come in January re opportunities to participate.

16 March Complex Facilitation: Theory and Practice 14 Week Intensive

Our first Intensive program for 2023 will commence.  Click here for further information, and to book a seat.

NB – there are limited spaces remaining for this program.   Payment confirms program enrolment.

April-May Learning Simulation: Theory and Practice 14 Week Intensive

In partnership with SimulationAustralasia, we are pleased to offer the first 14 week Learning Simulation Intensive.

For further information, or to express interest, contact Elyssebeth Leigh.

April-June Leadership, Governance and Ethics Research Project – Data collection and analysis
August-September Cynefin Co in Australia

Currently planning for a conference and Retreat are underway.

Public event series is yet to be confirmed and will be announced in early 2023.


And there’s more in the planning…

in response to feedback, we are thinking and talking about Indigenous knowledges and third space processes, community activation and capacity building as areas of development and focus across the year ahead.

Remember, the Community of Practice can be a vehicle for groups to gather and chat virtually. If there is a topic or area of interest that you would like to activate let us know.  We’re happy to assist.


Stay safe and we look forward to catching up in 2023.


The Complexability Team.



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