December 2020 – Wrap up for the year

December 2020 – Wrap up for the year

The Year that Was

full of promise in February, hovering on the edge of unpredictability by March, firmly in confusion by April, deep and shallow dives into chaos on an irregular basis depending on your geography across the remainder of the year. And remains in somewhat animated suspension…despite those who are desperate to convince us that there is something called COVID normal.

Cynefin® turned 21

in October, and we were the ANZ regional convenor for the celebrations. We hosted 6 events with a practitioner focus, with Complex Facilitation and Partnering booked out in less than 12 hours. The significant international interest has resulted in increased membership in

The Complexability Community of Practice

that now has over 160 members, from around the globe. Discussions and events are being planned and a calendar for the first half of 2021 will be published soon.  There is continuous updating of relevant resources and articles.

Cynefin Centre Australia (CCA) viv@ario.org.au

was launched during October.  Under the umbrella of ARIO Foundation Ltd, CCA is a partner of the Cynefin Centre, whose focus is on social research, and membership for government, academic and not for profit organisations.

What’s coming in 2021?

Expanded Community of Practice

given the interest in the practitioner network, which was itself a ‘safe to try’ experiment, we are establishing our own platform in the New Year.  This means:

  • You will get invited to join (again) as we cannot transfer current membership automatically for privacy reasons
  • We will expand services and offerings delivered through this platform.
  • Ask for what you would like to have discussed.

Complex Facilitation Workshops

the initial offering is an experiential Advanced Practitioner Complex Facilitation program.  This initial 14 week program, has an introductory price, and starts February 11.  In between the bi-weekly formal sessions are coaching, and practical applied exercises, supported by the Complexability faculty.

To book a place click here

Virtual Cynefin® Basecamp

Viv Read and Julie Cunningham are the authorised ANZ Cognitive Edge facilitators to deliver the Virtual Cynefin® Basecamp (formerly Foundations).  The next course commences February 9.

To book a place click here

And there’s more in the planning

in response to feedback, we are thinking and talking about partnering, simulation, monitoring and evaluation, governance and distributed leadership as areas of development and focus across the year ahead.

Stay safe and we look forward to catching up in 2021.

The Complexability Team.



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