The Cynefin Co is coming to Australia

The Cynefin Co is coming to Australia

The Cynefin Co, in partnership with the Cynefin Center Australia and Complexability, are delighted to announce Dave Snowden and Beth Smith will be in Australia this July and August 2022 for a series of events and workshops.

Overall, the trip is built around a theme of community engagement in sharing lived experiences and how that insight is taken into account in design at various levels (eg service, product and governance design). This includes specific events or threads around:

  • Citizen Engagement and Democracy
  • Aged and Vulnerable Care
  • Design thinking (including Agile)
  • Participative Engagement and Complex Facilitation 
  • Strategy and the EU Field Guide for leading in complexity and crisis

This trip also coincides with the recent release of The Cynefin Co’s new hexi kits.   As well as exciting new developments in their methods, SenseMaker software and associated offerings, and offers an exciting opportunity to engage with our communities in Australia and New Zealand in person. A series of workshops, Masterclasses and meetups give you various opportunities to engage.

Key events include:


Sydney – Tuesday 9 August 2022

Theme:  Communities through the lens of Complexity:  A spotlight on innovation

Brisbane – Wednesday 16 August 2022

Theme: Collective SenseMaking:  Multiple perspectives, multiple methodologies


Theme:   Citizen Engagement and Democratic Innovation
August 18 – 20, Scenic Rim (2 hours from Brisbane – exact location TBC)

The first in-person retreat in three years will focus on the theme of community engagement in innovation – the discovery of lived experiences and how that insight is taken into account in design at various levels.

Retreats are rich opportunities to share and co-create emergent knowledge and understanding through discussion and debate, stimulated by a diverse faculty providing provocative food for thought, including Dave Snowden. Participating faculty for this retreat will be announced shortly.


Aligned to the central theme of community and citizen engagement in the design and improvement of services and processes, a series of research symposiums, workshops and collaborative explorations are being confirmed, around the theme of building community engagement, resilience and collective sensemaking. These will incorporate multiple perspectives and approaches, and as the lead of The Cynefin Co’s Citizens Engagement & Democratic Innovation programme, Beth Smith brings her expertise and insight to these events. Further details and public events will be announced soon!


Dave Snowden is looking forward to his contribution as a keynote speaker and participant in the Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning’s conference – “A new age of innovation: embracing change and complexity in education”. C3L focuses on the complex relationship between human and artificial cognition, how it changes society, knowledge processes, and teaching and learning.


The Cynefin Co will be hosting a series of Masterclasses with Dave Snowden and other expert faculty, including the following, details and dates are currently being confirmed:

  • Melbourne: Rewilding Agile Masterclass
  • Canberra: EU Field Guide and Strategy Masterclass
  • Sydney: Design thinking Masterclass
  • Brisbane: Complex Facilitation and Hexi Kits 


With innovative new developments that affect different fields and sectors, a series of opportunities for 1-3 hour meetups is being finalised with local partners in various cities. These take in areas as diverse as Cynefin in Government, Agile and design, Aged and community care, The Cynefin Co’s new Hexi kits and practitioner skills development,  Details will be announced as these are confirmed.


Final dates and details of all events are being confirmed and tickets will go on sale soon. We look forward to many rich collaborations, learning and connections!

For further information and inquiries contact Julie Cunningham or Viv Read